• A leprosy Effected is making shoes

  • Product by leprosy effected Team Exhibiting in school

  • World Leprosy Day 30th January

  • Patients are Provided Free medical check up and treatment


The Vision:

  • Support of public health measures through the direct and indirect fight against leprosy and tuberculosis.
  • Support of the integration of both leprosy and TB into the Basic Health Care System.
  • Support of the fight against illiteracy and poverty.

The Mission:

To attain the goal of eliminating the stigma against leprosy affected people, SMK's activities encompass a host of strategised initiatives, aimed at helping leprosy affected people and their families gain access to education, training them in feasible livelihood options, arranging for micro-finance opportunities, acting as a catalyst by creating and assisting Self Help Groups among them and working with other NGOs to bring hope and purpose in their lives.

Until now, the efforts made in the field of social and economic rehabilitation have primarily restricted leprosy affected people to excluded communities and colonies. Rooted in fear, the stigma faced by leprosy affected people is based on the myths and misconceptions about the disease that are widely prevalent in our society. It has, however, been medically proved that leprosy is completely curable and that it is neither contagious nor hereditary.

Hence, one of SMK's key goals is also to raise awareness levels among all sections of society, with a view to ending social and economic discrimination against leprosy affected people everywhere.