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  • World Leprosy Day 30th January

  • Patients are Provided Free medical check up and treatment


Previously N.T.C.P. was in existence. It was implemented in 1962, but desired results have not been achieved. There was over diagnosis of T.B. cases by X-Ray. Treatment regimens used were often non-standard and incomplete. Defaulter cases were more because of long duration of treatment. Cure rate was not more than 30%.

In 1993, RNTCP was implemented on Recommendation of an expert committee. In Rajasthan it was implemented in 1995. At present this programme has been implemented in all districts of Rajasthan.

T.B. is the leading infections cause of death among adults. As T.B. can be cured and the epidemic reversed, it warrants the topmost priority which has been accorded by the Govt. of India. This priority must be continued and expended at State, District and Local levels.


  • Although extent of T.B. is worldwide, but prevalence is more in developing countries.
  • India accounts for nearly one third of Global T.B. Burden. India has more cases of TB than any other country.
  • Because T.B. is common (75%) in productive age group (15-60 years), when person is earning member, so it affects family income and national productivity also.
  • During the treatment of this disease, there is a loss of working time of about 3-4 months to each patient. So there is national loss of productivity of Rs. 1300 karor /year.
  • In Rajasthan 15000 children become orphans every year. About 20% children disturb from school education due to disease of parents.
  • TB is a leading killer of women also. This disease kills more women than all causes of maternal mortality combined. Women with tuberculosis are often severely stigmatized.
  • HIV - infected persons are at greatly increase risk of TB.
  • RNTCP can save more lives than any other health intervention.
  • TB can be cured and the spread of disease stopped by RNTCP.
  • Diagnosis of TB by Microscopy is more accurate than X-Ray and correlates with infectiousness as well as with risk of death from TB.
  • X-Ray is an important complimentary tool for diagnosis of TB.
  • RNTCP treatment regimens are scientifically proven and highly effective.
  • Directly Observed Treatment (DOT) ensuses cure, other methods do not.
  • Multiple studies in India and elsewhere demonstrate that at lease one third of patients do not take medicines regularly.
  • Directly observed anti-TB treatment was discovered in India and is now standard of care internationally, in both developed and developing countries.


Tuberculosis project was started in April, 2003 under guidance of State TB Officer and District TB Officer.

Population covered 1,00,000
Medical Officer1
Laboratory Technician1
Senior Treatment Supervisor (STS)1
Non Medical Assistant (NMA)6
Centre functioning
Microscopic Centre1 (Sarthak Manav Kushthashram (SMK),free dispensary, Galta Road, Jaipur)
DOT centre1. SMK, Free dispensary, Galta Road
2. Ekta Clinic
3. Janta Clinic
4. Modern Clinic
5. Paiker Hospital
6. R.S. Public Clinic
7. Goswami Medical & Clinic
  • IEC
  • Diagnosis of TB patients
  • Treatment under DOT
  • Referral services
  • Retrieval action of defaulters
All medicines and laboratory reagents are providing by TB Clinic.
Up till now cases are registered 417
Total patients completed their treatment252
One branch of SMK is also functioning as DOT centre at free dispensary, Jhotwara since April 2004.
Up till now cases are registered at Jhotwara40
Total patients completed their treatment13