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WelCome to Sarthak Manav Kushthashram!

Sarthak Manav Kushthashram (SMK), Jaipur, a voluntary and charitable organization, is in service of the disabled and cured persons affected by leprosy for the last three decades. Presently, the organization is functioning as a model center for their rehabilitation.
The treatment of leprosy part has been over but the process of their follow-up and rehabilitation work continues. The Management of the organization is run by the persons affected by leprosy themselves through an elected body. On the medical side, we have full fledged dispensaries at Jaipur, Jodhpur and Ajmer, duly supported with qualified Doctors and necessary para-medical staff, to provide free medicines and Read More

Success Story

  • Twenty three years before, Mr Sampat ram bose was born as a normal child to an illiterate parent, Mr Shankara ram bose, 55 years old and Jasu devi 52 years old at Rani Gaon, a village 27 kilometer from Barmer district headquarters in Rajasthan state. The family belongs from backward caste. He has born with two sisters and two brothers and he was the last son in his family. His father work in his own petty shop and his elder brother Mohanram also works as a daily labor and they have little piece of land that supports the whole family when there is good monsoon. As he was growing, the family noticed that he couldn't walk properly. They thought, it is reflection of devil on him. His parents didn't even give a thought that he should be taken to hospital for physic check-up. But, they hope that he would be getting well soon, their ignorance continued until he become orthopedic handicapped, lately, they were sad because their child become handicapped, the entire village called him as a lame boy (Khoda) slang abusive word. As a part of Rehabilitation, Eight month before, when RRC intervened with him through his friend name Mohan Singh. he was counseled through Manager RRC on phone. Later, he was decided to join basic computer course at RRC after completing his minimum qualification for computer course, we also convinced his parents that one-day their son would able to bear independent life. Later, RRC took initiative to admit him for basic computer course. Our efforts brought a turning point in Sampat's life. Once when his course successfully completed, His family appreciated RRCs rehabilitation service. It was this day, his family was longing and dreaming for over two decade, and it took time for them to digest this happy movement. His father said that it was the most memorable and emotional day for his family, which they will remember forever. By this time, you could imagine the changes happening in Sampat's life. At the same time, happening in not only Sampat's life, but also other trainees Mr Rawat mal sahu & Mr Bal Singh who are completed training of different trade at RRC and attended a interviewed at Mahila Mandal Barmer, (NGO). We are happy that all three are faced interviewed and finally selected in CBR program in Barmer district, all are started job with 3500 + other benefits INR. Now, these trainees are happy to join a satisfactory job, without any one's assistance. In a way, they are thrilled that they become self-independent with dignity.
  • I am the youngest son in a family of five children, I was the apple of everyone eye. Life was normal until the day some patches started developing on my body. It was around this time that my elder brother noticed me hurting and sometime burning my right hand with out even realizing it, he took me to the local doctor, the doctor there doubted leprosy and Meanwhile, I faced discrimination from the most unexpected event, the doctor in my town refused to touch me, forget offering me any treatment; this delay in treatment was slowly leading to a deformity to in my physic. That word leprosy meant nothing to me at that time. I hardly understood its implication, but as I grew up, the discrimination I started facing at the hands of my own friends and relatives convinced me that I was cursed. My own blood family members refused to eat the food, which I handed over to them, by now, my relatives, friends, neighbors had come to know about my situation. They openly started maintaining a safe distance, children in our neighborhood refused to play with me. Even my family members did not let me meet the guests who visited us for fear of them coming to know of my condition. I began hating my existence. As reality sunk in, momentary of past incident flashed across my mind. I remembered how as a child if a beggar afflicted with leprosy came to our house, my mother would tell me to give the alms but to be careful not to touch him, I recalled the times when I went to the mosque with my father, and there would be rows of people sitting on the steps, with bodies scared by leprosy and how immediately my father would pull me away from them. I was depressed, why me? I kept asking myself. The next thought that came to my mind was whether the life henceforth was worth living. I could not see myself seated at those mosque stairs asking for alms. Ending my life was an option that I was considering and giving it quite a thought. My entire dream disappeared in a second. My sister's wedding was called off when the prospective groom, s family came to know of my condition. But something told me there was still hope; the only option left before me was to leave home. So, one day I left my town without telling anyone at home, certain. I knew it was a hard battle that I had to fight on my own. I did not know the outcome; so finally, I reached Vimla hospital Mumbai where I came to know that this disease can be cured. Where they treat leprosy-afflicted individuals. I immediately went here. The doctor there kept me in a hospital for almost one year; it was there for the first time that a doctor actually touched me.
    I stayed in hospital for treatment, gradually, I was recovering, But all this while, the desire to get back my dignity, to live the life, I had the dreamt of, kept burning somewhere within me, I kept on telling myself, still had a life to live and I wasn't going to let it go just because of an unfortunate disease. During my battle with the disease and interaction with all I have come across, I have understood one basic fact, people do not fear the disease, and they fear the deformity. MDT cures the ailment, but not the abnormalities. I thought the skilled training can only become meaningful for survival life so I decided to find some place where I get something for my career making and finally approached, The Ramgarh reintegration center (a unit of Sarthak Manav Kushtashram) that came to my rescue again. Because I wanted to live a prestigious life, but due to some reliable sources, I collected the details of Ramgarh reintegration center and rung up phone to core management and asked about available training courses for him, on his telephonic conversation, they given a explain details about RRC and different trade and opportunity after completing course. I was much confident after receiving phone and so much enthusiastic to take admission in this trade. They counseled me and given details about rehabilitation activities as per interest and qualification, Mr Rahim is a sincere young. At present he is undergoing a 6 month training on different art like making perfume spray, incense sticks, candle making as per his interest after completion course he will be able to start a new life with starting his new shop and His dream is to earn money to become a self independent with dignity.
  • Twelve years before, Raju singh Rathod was normal young, his father Bhanwar singh Rathod, 65 years old and Antar Kanwar 63 years old mother, born at Chawania baas ki dhani, Tehsil Nawa shahar district Nagour in Rajasthan, a village 75 kilometer from Nawa shehar. He has born with three sisters and five brothers and he was the fourth son in his family. His father does agriculture and they have meager land that supports the whole family when there is good monsoon, As he was working, one day he noticed that he couldn't see properly, he thought, it is something an temporary problem and it will be recovered soon, initially he ignored , His parents didn't even give a thought that he should be taken to hospital for eye check-up. But, they think that he would be getting well soon. Their family ignorance continued until his eye lost deep sight. And slowly-slowly he become a low vision t, no one has cared him, Mean time, almost, the entire village called him as a visually challenged man and become totally dependent on others, Eight month before, when Ramgarh reintegration centre-SMK approached him through local sources to help him in making self-independent, after meeting with him, he was identified as an interested to get handicraft training. As a part of rehabilitation, he was enrolled in handicraft training activity; and taken for preliminary checkup in SMS hospital. Later, the concerned ophthalmic doctor certified him as a visually challenged and then he was provided like bus/rail fare concession pass, stick etc to him. But he kept dream that one-day he will able to see face, read, write, and move independently & become self independent. Honestly, it was a challenging task for RRC- SMK to prepare him for residential training, really our constant effort, will bring changes in his life, Now, he is confident and able, without any one's assistance, can work independently, His dream is to become self-independent with dignity and to start his own work & to earn a lot of money for him & family, He says with deep breaths & staring his eyes "task is difficult but not impossible.

Leprosy Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers

Sarthak Manav Kushthashram, Galta

At the time when the modern Multi Drug Therapy had not been introduced for the treatment of leprosy patients, sulpher based medicine Depsone was being used for their treatment, and that resulted in much deterioration of their body parts, and formation of most painful ulcers in their feet, making their routine activities and especially power to work, almost dead. Read More

Ramgarh Reintegration Center

Ramgarh Reintegration Centre was formally established in February 1997 specially for providing Rehabilitation through employment based training programmes to leprosy affected persons including their dependents. Currently 5 families along with their 3 children are living here.Read More

Sarthak Manav Kushthashram, Ajmer

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