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Leprosy is one of the oldest diseases of mankind and has a unique social dimension. In both eastern and western Cultures, fear of the disease has existed from ancient times. In no other disease have individuals been made to leave their families and communities and forced to live as cut casts in separate colonies or settlements. For many of the men and women affected by leprosy, simply overcoming the infections is not sufficient to allow a straight award return to their previous life-style. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates there are some two to three million people word wide with significant disability due to leprosy.

Leprosy is a disease, which still strikes fear in the societies as a mutilating, disfiguring, contagious and incurable disease. Because of the horrifying nature of the enigmatic physical disfigurement and since no curve was discovered until the 20th century, leprosy has for centuries, been a highly stigmatizing disease. Through leprosy is not a disease of the poor, yet it affects poor to a much greater extent because of their social and economic vulnerability. The stigma attached to leprosy leads to loss of employment even before manual abort becomes more difficult due to disability, which often results from lat6e or no treatment. It also leads to exclusion from society, causing physical and emotional distress. Even to this day, when leprosy is completely curable with MDT multi drug therapy, some parts of India uphold the belief that leprosy is a divine curse, a punishment of the past sins, and results of immoral sexual behavior. These beliefs reinforce the image of the leprosy patients as being physically and morally unclean, to blamed for contracting The disease and Therefore to be ostracized.

Leprosy a chronic infectious disease with long incubation period affected all age groups and is classified mainly as Pauci Bacillary (PB) and Multi Bacillary (MB). Since the leprosy bacilli affect the peripheral nerves, the patient loses sensation by and large in their hands. Feet and eyes if not properly cared for. Injuries to these insensitive parts may lead to disfigurement, the man consequence of this disease which generates fear and stigma. Thus early detection and prompt treatment of leprosy with prescribed Multi Drug Therapy (MDT) not only cures leprosy, but also interrupts its transmission to others.

The repulsive physical image, the fear of infection and the belief that it is incurable are the rack cause of the inhuman #Unable to found page 3 bottom line 6# More information and education to the people about the signs and symptoms of leprosy and its curability, shall not work. It is imperative to break the barrier between persons affected by leprosy and the rest of the society. by appealing to people's emotions and their ability to empathies with those they feared and shunned. This situation inspired and led to the establishment of a voluntary and charitable organization Sarthak Manav Kushtashram, nearly 21 years ago in worlds famous pink city, Jaipur SMK is entirely committed to the welfare and rehabilitation of Leprosy affected people.

Sarthak Manav Kushthashram, Galta. Jaipur