• A leprosy Effected is making shoes

  • Product by leprosy effected Team Exhibiting in school

  • World Leprosy Day 30th January

  • Patients are Provided Free medical check up and treatment


Nangal Kothiya Village, Tehsil Amber, Dist Jaipur

For the women of the villages who are underprivileged, poor socio economic condition, families who are vulnerable also form a part of the society. Concentrating upon their livelihood SMK has developed the plan of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CENTRE at villages for a period of three months duration where the poor women of the village seek to learn the simple cutting and stitching methodology. The trainer is also hired from among the women who knows the cutting and stitching of clothes like gents shirts, pants, ladies traditional lehengas, rajpooti dress etc...

WEC centre at Nangal Kothiya village where the poor women, girls may learn the art of cutting and stitching clothes which are beneficial for them and in further course the women may start their livelihood. Moreover SMK authorities do not charge any type of fees only SMK gives an opportunity to the women, girls of the village to embark upon their livelihood.