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At the time when the modern Multi Drug Therapy had not been introduced for the treatment of leprosy patients, sulpher based medicine Depsone was being used for their treatment, and that resulted in much deterioration of their body parts, and formation of most painful ulcers in their feet, making their routine activities and especially power to work, almost dead. In conditions of such mental unbalance, social curse and bodily disability continuing, during the past few decades' leprosy patients in large number used to take shelter in Ashrams (Asylums). Similarly this situation has led to start this centre at Galta, Agra Road, Jaipur.

This is the first centre where SMK started its activities in 1986. Today this is one of the biggest centres of SMK where leprosy patients and leprosy cured people are successfully provided treatment and rehabilitation services. These people are having following facilities and services at this centre:-

  • Accommodation
  • Leprosy Treatment & Care
  • General Health Care
  • Employment Training
  • Educational Support

Currently this centre has a total 75 people both male and female of 35 families as its inmates. Out of them 65 are leprosy affected people and 10 are healthy children of themselves. A well equipped dispensary has been set up here, which provide most effective treatment and care to leprosy patients by equally qualified and experienced doctors and paramedical staff. Here patients are regularly monitored for any re-occurrence of symptoms of the leprosy. Patients and their families are also educated to maintain the required hygienic conditions. Some of the cured patients voluntarily provide their services in this work of nursing and care of leprosy affected patients.

SMK is proud to be the only institution where MCR (Micro Cellulose Rubber) chappals, which are known as 'Jaipur Sandals', are being made available free of cost to the leprosy patients coming from different parts of the country. SMK even provides for the free boarding and lodging of such patients. These MCR chappals have benefited the ulcers in foot of leprosy patients. This work has drawn a great attention of all, because the disabled inmates of this Galta Ashram make the chappals for their destitute brothers and sisters across the country. These rejected, heart broken people perhaps feel the pain of ulcers worse than anybody else.

Employment based training programmes are given special emphasis here so as to make leprosy patients and cured people more confident and self-reliant regarding earning their livelihood. Weaving, Printing, Flour & Spices Grinding and Tailoring etc. are some of the trades in which they are provided training. After receiving the proper training they work together here for the in-house production of bed sheets, towels, napkins, surgical bandages, cloth etc. Some of them are also working outside to earn their livelihood along with the general population. With this they reintegrate with the main society.

Don't worry, we are friends - A leprosy patient is being shaved by a local person
Members of Rotary Club are purchasing the items prepared by inmates of SMK, Galta
A leprosy patient is making a carpet at workshop at SMK, Galta

Muckli House

There is a very special place in this Ashram, Popularly known as 'Muckli House' among Inmates here. Thea Muckli is a very kind and Generous German citizen, who has devoted her Life completely for the service of leprosy patients in India. She is working hard to make India, leprosy free, along with her friends and associates. This is a big hall having four Power looms to make carpets of different sizes and designs. Inmates here are happy and proud to have this house in their Ashram at Galta,

Products made here are already being supplied to various hospitals, nursing homes and other consumers. Club NOMADES a French NGO has already initiated sales of these goods through weekly markets in southern France. These products are being sold by at different places through the exhibitions, sale and shops etc. Some of them are being also purchased by the visitors. Now we are receiving orders in advance for these items from different people and institutes etc.

Adequate arrangements have been made to provide formal education to the children here. For this purpose one teacher has been appointed from outside and one leprosy patient is supporting him in the educational activities. Apart from this, children of leprosy patients are also going outside to receive the higher education along with the children of main stream society in reputed schools and colleges. This gives them a sense of satisfaction and confidence.

Raju (name changed) is a 19 year old son of a leprosy patient mother. His father, who was also a leprosy patients have died few years back. Raju has been a an intelligent student through out his school education and have had secured 80% marks in his XIIth CBSE exams last year. This year he got admission in Saint Stephen College, New Delhi, one of the top colleges of the country. His parents led him to work hard and live a respectful life. With the help and support he received through SMK at Galta, Jaipur, today he has been able to reach this position.