• A leprosy Effected is making shoes

  • Product by leprosy effected Team Exhibiting in school

  • World Leprosy Day 30th January

  • Patients are Provided Free medical check up and treatment

Ramgarh Reintegration Centre

Ramgarh Reintegration Centre was formally established in February 1997 specially for providing Rehabilitation through employment based training programmes to leprosy affected persons including their dependents. Currently 5 families along with their 3 children are living here. Healthy people are taking care of daily management here. These include a chief manager, one agriculture manager and trade instructors in different trades.

At this centre training facilities are being provided without any discrimination of cast and creed. In this centre we have various type of vocational training in different trades for leprosy affected persons, their dependents, Below Poverty Line (BPL) persons, handicapped and widows in:-

  • Motor Driving
  • Computer Operating
  • Flour Grinding
  • Spice Grinding
  • Tailoring
  • Incense sticks making
  • Corrugated Box Making
  • Making Leaf Plates & Cups
  • Cattle Based Dairy Farming
  • Agriculture
  • Two wheeler repairing
  • Repairing of electronic items
Flour Grinding Machine is given to a leprosy affected patient

Trainings in above trades are imparted to participants for six months and they are given Rupees 200 each for the training period as the stipends. Rupees 500 for food and Rupees 800 as Aid Amount are also given to the participants here. Hence a total of Rupees 1500 is spent every month on a participant. Every year two batches of 20 participants each are given such trainings. After receiving the training from, they are motivated to start their own small entrepreneur or join a job somewhere outside the Ashram, so as to become selfreliant and live their life happily. So far so many people have started their own business and earning the useful money for themselves.

There is one big common kitchen and a community hall in Ramgarh, provided by Thea Muckli in the memory of her mother. Both this kitchen and community hall gives inmates a feeling of a single family. As a joint family, inmates use the kitchen and community hall services. This common use develops sense of understanding and cooperation among them.
Trainings are being given in Spices Grinding & Computers at Ramgarh Reintegration Centre