• A leprosy Effected is making shoes

  • Product by leprosy effected Team Exhibiting in school

  • World Leprosy Day 30th January

  • Patients are Provided Free medical check up and treatment


Thea Kosse Muckli is uncommon charisma and a legend of past, present, future. Frail, tiny, soft spoken, always draped in simple clothes, she is most recognizable symbol of compassion and caring. She is a devout servant of Social services and always believed that God has sent her to serve the destitute and dying, and for these destitute and disabled, whom she served, she was their only source of comfort, really she is "Mother Thea" for all.

From the very beginning there was never any doubts where her life would go. 25 year before she decided serving Indian people, this mission was started with first visit of Ms Thea Kosse Muckli and Ms. Ingrid Shephers, Later on these two noble ladies called Leben Ohne Lepra, e.V Germany, Dear Thea comes every year to meet the projects people and make project photos and videos profile then it shows in various part of Germany in form of presentation, speeches at schools, interact with business units and social groups, meetings, through these she raises fund to execute new/ existing projects of SMK.

Thea Kosse Muckli is a very kind and Generous German citizen, who has devoted her Life completely for the service of leprosy/disabled patients in India. She is working hard to make India, leprosy free, along with her friends and associates.